by Sako on February 23rd, 2016

In 2186, the rapidly decaying environment has driven nations to build huge City Domes. These isolated micro-environments protect the populace within from the harshness of the outside.

One of the smaller Cities, Helsinki, has evolved into a Direct Democracy where all laws, judgements and executive actions are passed through a Vote of the citizenry. The Voters are prompted a simplified binary question with a strict time limit and the result is enforced into effect immediately.

The Votes are thrown by the masses on a whim and thus public opinion and prejudices rule the City - giving the power indirectly to the clickbaiting media that only cares for profit. This results in a State where the mediasexiest results have a tendency to win while everything alien and different is shunned. Behind the scenes media has the true power and makes a profit on advertising.

Results of the Votes are mercilessly and quickly enforced with the aid of an Orwellian tracking systems and a powerful human police force - from which the media doesn't tend to report truly as unhappy customers won't spend.

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by Sako on February 16th, 2016

Spareware's project lead Sako Salovaara and game artist Tommi Helin reveal some behind the scenes design of Spareware. If you missed the post about player character design and some talk about other characters, check it out HERE.

What the enemies are in Spareware

In fact they are humans. We thought it would be a nice opposing force to machines. Classic even.

To be more precise the human enemies are the security force of Helsinki. They are trained to enforce order in the city and see there are no runaway robots going around.

Were the enemies something else before?

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by Sako on February 9th, 2016

Spareware's project lead Sako Salovaara and game artist Tommi Helin introduce you to the character design in Spareware.

Why are the players robots?

We got tired of the obscurely emotionless humans who just slaughtered countless numbers of innocent little robots. Don't people want to play as the good guys every once in awhile?

What kind of iterations the characters went through?

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by Sako on February 4th, 2016

What is Spareware?

Spareware is a cooperative top-down shooter set in a future dystopian metropolis called Helsinki.

Who are you?

I'm Sako, the lead of this project and one of the founders of Rusto, a small game company in a dystopian town called Kajaani in Finland. We've been fighting the good fight for 4 years and during those years we've tried almost everything there is to do in game development. Now we are working on our dream game. You can learn more about us & the game here

How was Spareware born?

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