The time for a new patch is getting closer. We're going to add content and also address some problems the players have been having with the game. The project lead Sako Salovaara is here to answer how we're going to tackle the problems and add value to the game with the new patch.

One of the most common critiques the game has had is the repetitiveness of the levels and the visuals. The game eventually starts to feel monotone.

'There's a lot of variety we'll add visuals and gameplay wise. The environment will see more changes with new biomes and more different props in the levels. Other elements that are added to the level add more gameplay variation, like more varying types of enemy turrets and more defenses on the gates.

We're adding a new ability tree too with new deception abilities.'

Online multiplayer has also been in high demand. For this Sako can't do anything else but shake his head with a frown.

'We were going to add online multiplayer when we started the development of Spareware. Soon we found out that we don't have nearly enough resources to do it and we had to just give up on it. Even now making it would take 6 months and way too much money. If there will be a next installation, that could have it.'

But it's not all bad news when it comes to multiplayer.

'We're going to add support for multiplayer achievements in the game. So after the patch has hit, all the players can choose their own accounts to collect achievements with.'

On top of that there will be new multiplayer game modes to accompany the co-op mode.

'There'll be multiple new pvp modes with regular and team based modes. First you'll see the basic deathmatches, but we've planned 4-5 other game modes. We're going to support 8-player multiplayer in the pvp.'

A big part of Spareware has been the challenge it brings, but players have wanted more adjustability to their experience.

'There has been demand for the ability to turn off friendly fire, so we'll add a toggle for that. Some players have said, that other players die too easy. For that we can't do anything else but say that control your fire, as it is part of the challenge with friendly fire even though the players have plenty of health and 'lives'. Or just turn it off with the toggle when it comes.'

Some smaller requests were listened to too.

'There were a couple of parents who wanted to play the game with their children, but there was too much gore for them. We're adding an option to change the blood and meat pieces into cartoony things like flowers or something. Just keep in mind that the rating will still stay T - for teens.

Also speaking of options, we'll add a toggle that will disable copyrighted music. Now Youtubers and streamers shouldn't have any problems.'

There's also going to be some balancing and we're making the game easier to understand.

'We're not going to change the difficulty of the enemies or anything, but we realised we shouldn't be so stingy with the abilities. So we'll make the leveling curve a little bit smoother by giving more ability points.

People have also had problems with the cell systems and figuring out what to do when there are not enough cells for the weapons and other robot parts. To take care of that, in the future when the players presses ready button, but doesn't have enough cells, an automated system will change some parts to affordable ones.

For those interested in the lore, we'll add more story telling elements. Still the story isn't our focus with Spareware at all, so don't expect too much. And like our previous story bits, they're totally skippable and not in the way on playing the game.'

The patch is expected to hit sometime in May free of charge.