by Sako on February 16th, 2016

Spareware's project lead Sako Salovaara and game artist Tommi Helin reveal some behind the scenes design of Spareware. If you missed the post about player character design and some talk about other characters, check it out HERE.

What the enemies are in Spareware

In fact they are humans. We thought it would be a nice opposing force to machines. Classic even.

To be more precise the human enemies are the security force of Helsinki. They are trained to enforce order in the city and see there are no runaway robots going around.

Were the enemies something else before?

The idea to use humans was there pretty much from the start. There were a few ideas for other types of enemies, but we thought that most of them weren't appropriate for the theme.

How are the enemies varied?

We just tried to find a good balance in melee and ranged units to have variation in the playstyles of the players.

The humans actually use mechanical equipment of their own. They have built stationary turrets with movement sensors and reprogrammed smaller bots to explode when in contact with an enemy. Turning bots against their own makes the humans even more evil.

How did you manage to make the humans threatening?

We didn't really have to make the single units look threatening or scary. All of the forces travel in huge groups so it's quite intimidating when all of them rush at the player. Also humans really are scary as they are.

How do the enemies stay challenging as the players get further?

The players will meet forces that have had longer and better training which makes them even more agile and stronger.

There are multiple opportunities for the players to challenge themselves too. On top of that there's insanely hard difficulty levels which'll bring that extra challenge for the skilled players.

Next week we'll delve into the world of Spareware. Stay tuned!