Brawl in a drunken ragdoll rampage both online & offline! Prove your late-night fighting skills by mastering physics defying drunk-fu techniques. Beat AI controlled bullies or challenge your friends to see who will be the last one drinking.

Features in the demo now:

- Drunken kung-fu madness for up to 8 players locally - No online play due to server limitations just yet!
- Three levels to crawl in: Irish pub, Kuja & Tikibar
- Pick up weapons & smack the living snot out of your enemies
- Customizable outfits to show the world your impeccable taste

Features in the final build shipping later this spring

- Online gameplay
- Bunch of game modes: Capture the Barrel, King of the Jukebox, Slap the Swede etc...
- A ton of sweet levels

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Download the PC demo from!

Drunk-Fu is also available for: