by Sako on March 16th, 2017

In this first Development Log for Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters, we are going to go through the current release estimates we have. These are subject to change and we do reserve the right to add new features that lengthen the development time if they are, to use the professional jargon, Cool as Heck.

Minor Alpha patch: 17th of March
- Add end conditions & map rotation
- Some new clothing options to fit the day's theme
- Two new game modes: Last Man Standing & Horde

Online Alpha: 31st of March 2017
- Online gameplay to the masses
- Reiterated combat physics to be more responsive
- A new test stage - The Saloon!
- New sound effects to replace the current placeholders

Full Alpha Release: 1st of May 2017
- A new test stage!
- Two new game modes
- Polish, polish, polish...

Beta Release 31st of May 2017:
- Polish
- Add support for platform specific systems (Achievements, Steamworks etc.)
- If we do have the resources, we'll look into adding more levels, clothes & other wacky stuff at this point

Once we hit Online Alpha, the game will go premium (we do have server bills to pay) but we will also release a stripped Offline versions for free for you to fool around with.

If bought during Early Access, the game will be cheaper than if bought once the game has shipped. We haven't set a price yet, so no word on that just yet!

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