by Sako on March 22nd, 2016

The launch is done & the reviews are pouring in, thanks to all you good folk for playing! As promised before, we are working on a new patch & here is a rough outline on what we are going to bring into the game. Our own goal for this patch is early May, but no promises just yet!


There'll be a completely new biome. The city of future London will have thinner & windier streets as well as a new set of props on the streets (two decker busses & phone booths, anyone?). There might also be a new map type. Who knows?

PvP gamemode

We have all the pieces basically ready for this and we know that occasionally players just want to duke it out. More on this in upcoming blog posts. Could it be that we are even increasing the player amount for this?


A completely new ability tree with abilities focusing on deceiving the enemy & their systems. Want to call in an artillery strike on them while sniping in stealth? Can do!

Achievements for multiple players

Support for multiple logins per session. This is something we had to drop from the initial release at the last minute due to unforeseen problems.

New set of parts

At least a new gun, new legs, torso & head. We'll see how many our part-guy can churn out!

Tune everything!

Better behaviour for enemies, fixing the level generation issues we missed, adding a new clearer tutorial / explanation to the Cell system etc.