by Sako on July 17th, 2014

We are happy to announce that we are still alive, it's not like getting kicked down a few times will keep us down. Take that, gravity!

During spring we delivered some outside projects which allowed us to hire two modellers full time now, as our three founders are still working part time.

Oh, and we changed that pesky 0 to an o & updated the brand of Rusto. Nifty, 'eh?.

Even though the core team is working only two days a week, we'll at least have a large backlog of art assets when we get to the part where we start putting body parts together!

There ain't that much we can show just yet, as we are busy laying the groundwork. But if you happen to like couch coops, roguelikes & good murderous rampages, you probably should follow our Twitter for art, prototypes & rants coming later this year.

Cheers, Sako

PS. We also rented a new penthouse office from central Kajaani a few months back. We might just have the best balcony in town.