by Nanne on May 4th, 2016

The next Spareware patch will be out this month. See the changes and new content that will await you for free

Basic changes

Increased votepillar HP
Difficulty level affects how much (%) damage Friendly fire deals
Players are able to login with different accounts and gain achievements with them
Copyrighted music can be toggled on or off for streaming and video purposes
The gore can be toggled on or off
Cell budgeting is automatic
Button for popup tutorials
Update enviro prop materials to new standards

Skill changes and additions

ArtilleryStrike: Summon an artillery strike of your own
More aggro: Multiply the player aggro by X
Less aggro: Multiply the player aggro by -X
Stealth: Drop the player's aggro to 0 for some time
Cell cost: Multiplier to the total cell cost of all equipment that the player (only the one with the ability) has selected
Cell Recovery: Get back X% of Cells from lost parts (compare to the beginning loadout)
Backstab: Attacking from behind the enemy deals more damage
Increased chance of drops: Multiplier to the drop rate
Cell gain: Multiplier to fuel Cell drops
HoloPlayer: 1st - Create a decoy for Duration with player aggro x M1. 2nd - Send the decoy forward. 3rd - Explode the holo with damage (m2) st explosion range (m3)
Better Snipers: Increase damage and reload speed of Speargun and Railgun
Better Bullet Weapons: Multiply Firerate (m2) and damage (m1) of Bolter and Flechette
Better chemicals / energy: Multiply damage (m1) and magsize (m2) of Ebola, Hellwhip and Cryogun
Better Explosives: Add improved damage and radius multiplier of CanCannon and Rocketeer

AI changes

There's a new value 'Threat' for each player, that determines the likelihood of enemies targeting them.
Enemies prefer a higher threat (cell amount) target and those closer by.


PVP supports different game modes with different rulesets
PVP has adjustable gameplay modifiers