by Sako on March 8th, 2016

In addition to weapons the robots can acquire new abilities with their cognitive learning systems that use experience in ability processing. The project lead Sako Salovaara is back to tell more about the progression and abilities.

So, there's a leveling system?

Yes. The players get experience points every time they complete a stage. The difficulty setting affects the amount of XP acquired. When playing co-op there's even more variables that give XP for competition and comparison between the players. Things like healing, kills and damage taking are some of these factors.

What do you get by leveling up?

With every level you get, you are granted ability points. There are different passive and active abilities split in skill trees. The players can make their own crazy skill builds and in co-op, assign roles.

What is the level cap?

The max level is 50. We're not sure how many will reach that, but there's something as a reward in the game for those who reach it.

Could you give us some examples of the abilities you mentioned?

There are passive abilities like bigger explosions, bonuses for dual wielding the same weapons, more movement speed and so on. Then there's the active abilities the players can use in exchange for energy. One of my favorites is the one which allows you to summon a horde of drones. They circle around you and assist by giving backup fire.There's also melee drones. Those guys like slicing things. There's cool station abilities too, like a time acceleration bubble and shield bubble which the enemies can't shoot through.

What kind of cool combos and tactics are there?

We'll let the players find most of those. But to give an example, the shield bubble combined with immortality ability results in some amazing ricocheting action. Also using the ammo dispenser with the time accelerator makes you a fast killing machine.

There are so many possible combinations and many of them aren't only powerful but funny too.

What kind of iterations has the ability system gone through?

We had to streamline it a lot. There used to be many more skill trees, but we scrapped those since they pretty much contained unnecessary systems. The synergy is important to us, so we cut some abilities that on their own were fine, but didn't really work well with the game or other abilities. We did a lot of optimization to cut useless things and make it a nice package on actually fun skills.

What abilities would the Personal Rusto Office Robot have?

It would deploy minefields to keep out unwanted visitors. And I'd like it to have the time acceleration bubble from the game to make everyone work faster and more in our office. Hmmm. Also teleportation! Then it could just teleport to the pizzeria and back. With the passive ability Extended capacity it could fill it's magazines with breadsticks...