by Sako on March 15th, 2016

The base idea for Spareware was born years ago one piece at a time. The progression, adventuring in procedural levels, dual wielding weapons all were tested at some point, but they didn't combine into Spareware until 2014. We couldn't work on the game full time until the summer of 2015.

In that time the changes have been enormous. Everything from level generation to skills, weapons and the looks have come a long way.

No more zigzags in levels

More colors

More variation

Everything is easier to distinguish

Now we have a game that is an exciting top-down shooter with a 4-player local co-op. The players have a lot to choose from when they assemble their own robots and the procedurally generated levels have more variety when it comes to objectives.

They dual wield even more refined extraordinary weapons. By leveling up, the players get access to varied abilities that have been tweaked multiple times.

After the release we're going to work on Spareware even more. We'll release free updates with fixes and more content for some time. And after Spareware, who knows what comes next.