by Sako on August 24th, 2016

Spareware has hit Greenlight! Go vote for us at Greenlight now

The new features for the PC are version are also coming to the Xbox One version in the near future. Features listed below!

Viva Las Vegas

Get ready to blow up the beautiful city of Las Vegas glad in Vegas themed gear. The levels are filled with neon lights, palm trees and slot machines.


The robots have been breaking the rules for long enough. The security has tightened and the cities are now sending genetically enhanced super soldiers to stop the players.

Wielding shotguns, grenade launchers & special abilities, these super soldiers will ambush the players.


Navigating the cities got way more dangerous as the elite forces of the Cities can now catch up to you. Failing to avoid these squads will send you to a hellish survival arena, where the squads will hold no punches.


We added a short tutorial to show the players the basic controls & tricks of the games. Won't take but a minute or two, we promise!

New weapons and equipment

Alongside Vegas themed equipment we are also including three new weapons for you to mete out justice with

Shoots a big, slow, deadly rocket full of tasty nuclear goodness.

Go medieval with a classic that's buffed with explosive arrows.

What's better than a gatling gun? Gatling gun that shoots laser to liven up any rave.

Melee attacks

To add some more variety to the combat, we added strong electric melee attacks & abilities that boost their effectiveness. Now go blow your enemies into bloody goo!

Other changes:

- Reiterated input system to work on all platforms
- 16:10 aspect ratio support
- New HUD overlay
- Added city changing globe map
- Added final laboratory level
- Added collectible exp doodads
- Melee abilities
- Difficulty balance fixes
- More variety to Core-levels
- Performance fixes