by Nanne on April 26th, 2016

Last week Rusto attended the Finnish Game Awards 2016 where the greatest finnish games were yet again celebrated with a fancy gala. Three nominated games of 2015 with one winner were from our local area which gave us a reason to really celebrate our game development community. The theme that was on our mind during the gala was what game development in Finland meant to us.

We arrived into a crowded hall filled with fancy men in their suits and gorgeous ladies in their gowns. Chatter was rumbling all around as everyone were going through the latest news of their companies or latest projects. There was this weird magic in the air when all these devs have crawled out of their caves, changed out of their hoodies and come out to this fancy event, with white table cloths, fancy restaurant food, shiny prize statues and touching speeches. But it's not like it shouldn't be like this. We deserve it.

Games industry has always been the pillar of creativity. We really appreciate how the industry brings very different people with varying skillsets together for great creations. There's always so many ways to create and manage and so many people to fulfill those roles unlike any other creative industry. It's one of the greatest powers of the games industry overall.

In Finland the industry has been growing fast. The community of developers just keeps on growing and growing and so does the business. When we are trying to feed ourselves with our creative work, it's reassuring that we happen to work in the field which financially keeps on growing faster than any other art or creative industries. This was brought up in many of the guest speeches during the night. Cultural success combines with financial success seems to be easier to take pride in.

But games industry isn't solely about it's business or high praises of very talented and creative people. It's about the love for games and making them. We wouldn't be here if we didn't really like making games.

And the love for games really showed in the event. No matter what anyone's status or job was, they were passionate about games in their own way.