by Sako on March 1st, 2016

The weapons in Spareware are made of all kinds of tools, tech, machines and metal parts found abandoned or thrown away around Helsinki. HelOS designed them using different blueprints found in the city database merging and modifying things like wielders, toasters, magnets and rails into powerful weapons. It was easy to build the weapons in secret along with the robots in the abandoned industrial sites.

Two of those interesting creations HelOS has made are Hellwhip and Ebola.

Hellwhip is made from heaters and wielders to hyper heat glass into plasma and shoot it out as a long ongoing chain.

Ebola has multiple generators which it uses to electrify bolas and throw them out to spread using shocking electromagnetism.

In the game, players can find weapon parts and equipment around the city, mostly in security force facilities. These found weapons won't last to other playthroughs and to permanently have them in the weapon selection, the players have to unlock certain achievements.

The weapons were designed mechanics first, looks and functionality after. The prototyping of the weapons was something that Rusto spent a lot of time on and that's why some of them didn't get their visual designs until relatively late in development.

The biggest part of the visual design was to construct the weapons from tools and parts found in the game world. The mechanics and functionality match the tools and machinery used. For example the visual design of the sniper rifle -like railgun began from a piece of railroad and combining it with the electromagnetic pressurisers used in metal construction in the futuristic city.

All the weapons had multiple different concepts in different phases to find the best possible design for each weapon.

The design both visually and mechanically has changed a few times for some weapons. The speargun used to be the sniper rifle type of weapon until the railgun came along which fit for the purpose better. The flechette also used to be a rapid fire type of weapon, but now it's slower, and more powerful.

Still the core design for most of the weapons is the same: they are easy to just pick up and start a mayhem with. Lots of bang and everything around goes boom! Even your friends. It's up to the players if they want to pick weapons and abilities which are more precise or just make lots of damage not caring who's taking the hits.