by Nanne on May 10th, 2016

During the events of Helsinki something menacing is setting motion at London.

London was ruled by the loved queen Elizabeth V who was known for caring for her pet corgis as much or even more than her people. The eldest of the corgis - and Elizabeth's long lived companion - Vulcan was so dear to her that she couldn't bare the thought of him dying.

Vulcan was getting old, so Elizabeth desperately looked for a way to keep him by her side forever. After she gave the task of granting immortality to Vulcan to her royal scientists, they found a way to transfer the consciousness of an organic being to a computer. Elizabeth with relief ordered Vulcans consciousness to be moved into a robotic body. She was going to make the first cybernetic dog, CyCorgi in the world.

Within the transfer processes some extra data was accidentally attached to the data packages raising Vulcan's intelligence. With his new found intellect he came into conclusion that dogs have been under human oppression for far too long. He became bitter after letting himself wallow in hate and ever growing spiteful thoughts of humans and how they treated dogs like dumb circus monkeys entertaining them and fulfilling their needs.

In the end he started to hate the whole humanity and even his owner, who had loved him so much.

Finally when the events at Helsinki were going down, the new mainframe was booted in London. Vulcan used this chance to upload himself in there and take control of the whole city. He is now planning to uplift dogs and their status bringing humans down to end their rule. HelOS, driven by the laws of robotics, can't let humanity and people to come to harm, so after getting error reports from London, it starts to investigate.

With the obligation by law, HelOS plans for the next mission, which is to send the automata consciousnesses to factories in London where there robots must reach and destroy the mainframe before Vulcan completes his unstoppable corgi army.

Will you be able to save London from canine rule? The CyCorgi uprise begins 13th of May. Be prepared.